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The Fleishman Family ...

The name "Fleishman" is from the German word "fleischman" which means "meat man" or "butcher" and, therefore, is an indication of our Eastern European roots.

The patriarch of the Fleishmans, Max, married the Fleishman matriarch, Fruma, in the 1860's in their home country of Lithuania. They emigrated to the United States from Lithuania in the early 1870's. Max had a job arranged for him in Baltimore, so that is where he and Fruma settled down and established the Fleishman family in America.

Max and Fruma had eight children: Jacob Louis, Harry, Hyman, Benjamin, Morris, Lena, Samuel, and David. Some of the children headed South while others stayed in the Baltimore area.

This is an online museum of those children, their children, and subsequent generations. 



Photos and history managed by Sam Fleishman. Site maintained by Seth Fleishman.

Comments and contributions should be emailed to mail@fleishman.name.

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